July 2017

Are you a proud owner of a bike? If so, are you completely sure that your bike is just right for you? What exactly is a fitting for your bike? It is simply the process of making sure your bike is made just for you by checking the seats, the distances between the pedals and seats to make sure it fits you and your physique. This process is important because it lets you use your bike in the most comfortable manner and it makes riding your bike for longer distances easier as well.

This is why a lot of professional bikers make sure to get the fitting for their bike just right. If it does not match your physique and the distances are all wrong, it is only going to make your bike rides more uncomfortable and also unsafe as well. It does not matter if you are simply purchasing a new bike, switching bikes or getting some parts replaced, fitting always matters!bike riding melbourne

Saddle height

One of the main concerns in bicycle fitting Melbourne is to make sure the saddle height is perfect. If the saddle height is all wrong, it is going to make riding the bike harder and will even effect the paddling level as well. Not to mention, it might even result in knee injuries as well. This is why when you buy a bike or get a seat installed, you have to make sure it is not too low nor too high.

Saddle setback

This is also very vital for bikers who ride bikes a lot, such as professional athletes. Experts say that if the saddle position is not right, it can surely lead to a lot of different issues. When you ride a bike that is completely tuned yet has a wrong saddle position, it is going to make some areas of your body extremely numb which might make it harder for you to continue riding. When you get specialized bikes Melbourne parts replaced, like pedals or the saddle, make sure you always get the right measurements so you can prevent these issues from happening.

Distance to handlebars

This is also a factor that is very important due to these reasons. If the distance from the seat to the handlebars is too long, it can surely mess with the weight distribution on your bike and this can then make your body uncomfortable and will also make it a bit harder for you to control the bike as well. Even if the distance is too short, this too can be an issue due to your body being too upright. This is why these kind of measurements are important.

Fun Things To Do With Your Family

Every once in a while, all of us need a break from our busy and overcrowded schedule. Once you have a professional life, learning to balance in between your personal and work life becomes your biggest challenge. Spending precious time with your family is all you need in order to relieve any stress and get back on your feet. You can either plan an entire day out with them or opt to just do some fun activities together with them, at your home itself.

Listed below are a few ideas for you to consider.

Going on a picnic with the loved ones
One of the easiest ways to have a nice time with your family is by going on a picnic. This way, you do not have to spend hours organizing or planning, and it can be done as soon as possible. All you really have to do is pack some food, get a mat to lie on and select the place to go and have your picnic in! You can even choose a place where they have a number of leisure activities for you and your family to have some more extra fun. Check out http://www.timeoutadventures.com.au/ for more information.

Try the eating out option
You can always assign a day or two to go out for a meal, and pick different restaurants on each day to taste out different dishes. Depending on what everyone is in the mood for, you can choose a restaurant accordingly. This is great way to have fun and also spend precious time with your family.

Planning a holiday the right way
When it comes to going on a holiday, this will require a tad bit more planning than the other two options that are listed above, and you may have to do much more work well in advance. However, planning holiday is a great way to get back all the times you missed spending time with your family, and you can opt to choose a place that has a number of different Segway tours so you can all have the maximum fun while you are on holiday.segway-tour

Doing something at home
Another great option is for you and your family to stay right where you are and spend some quality time at your home itself. You can all garden together or even give your house a new look by painting the house!

These are just a few ways in which you can spend some much needed and quality time with your family while you give your work life a much needed rest.